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  • Picking Up Dinner On The Way Home

    Picking Up Dinner On The Way Home

    At one time, the wife called her husband at work and asked him to pick up a quart of milk and loaf of bread on his way home to dinner. But today, many people are literally picking up their dinners on the way home. Reduce, re-use and recycle is the mantra of the environmental movement. […] More

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  • The Little Nude Dude

    The Little Nude Dude

    Exactly who is that naked guy they hand out every year at the Hollywood love-fest known as the “Oscars”? Well, they are….Oscar, the symbol of excellence in movie making and its various fields from acting to costumes. The award was created in 1928, depicting a knight with his sword pointed down to touch a base […] More

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  • A Game That Really Eats At You

    A Game That Really Eats At You

    Remember “Pong”, literally the first arcade game that could be played at home? It was as basic as you could get, just a white ping-pong style ball that bounced around the screen, controlled by an elementary game console. It was the start of the video game era, and was followed shortly by more “sophisticated” games […] More

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  • Bye Bye Birdie

    Bye Bye Birdie

    Since the dawn of time, the life forms on Earth have constantly evolved, with “constantly” often requiring millions of years. Scientists through fossilized remains are able to tell us some of the most intricate and amazing details of how a species was born, changed and exists as it is today. Which makes it all the […] More

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  • Fleet Of Foot

    Fleet Of Foot

    Around the time that the modern Olympics were re-born in 1894, running was becoming an increasingly popular sport, hence the sudden demand for shoes that would help runners get a better grip on the surfaces where they raced. Enter the fledgling J.W. Foster and Sons Company, a UK based shoe manufacturer, who was soon producing […] More

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  • A Little Banana On Your Liver, My Dear?

    A Little Banana On Your Liver, My Dear?

    Losing weight is an eternal struggle for some people who fight chemical imbalances, metabolism problems, as well as eating disorders or psychological conditions that cause them to eat in excess. But help may be in sight, just by sprinkling crystals containing the scent of your favorite foods, on other favorites. What is the point? According […] More

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  • The Eyes Have It

    The Eyes Have It

    As sharks go, they’re great entertainment, both at the movies and in marine aquariums. But few people want to meet them in the wild, despite the fact that there are fewer shark attacks per year, than there are lightning strikes on humans. The shark has been around for some 400 million years, with fossils that […] More

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  • Comfortable As An Old Shoe

    Comfortable As An Old Shoe

    That somewhat unflattering remark is usually applied to a spouse of long standing, the implication being that they know each other so well, that they are quite cozy together. But shoes have had their foot in the door of marriage, for much longer than that relatively modern day quote. At one time, the joining of […] More

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  • My Mother The Witch

    My Mother The Witch

    Johannes Kepler was a real mover and shaker. Specifically, he was an astronomer and astrologer, author of two books on planetary motion, Astronomia Nova and Harmonice Mundi. And while the general populace often looked on such men with suspicion, despite the fact that their discipline was a logic-based science, when it came to witch hunts, […] More

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  • Toadsie Pop, Anyone?

    Toadsie Pop, Anyone?

    Humans lick a lot of things, believe it or not. We lick ice cream cones, stamps, and fingers to turn the pages of a book. As children, there were always lollipops, and when truly bored in winter, despite mother’s most dire warnings, we licked metal, and had to have someone come and free us with […] More

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  • Color Me Blind

    Color Me Blind

    What we know as the modern crayon, started life in Europe as a cylinder made from oil and charcoal. Eventually, someone caught on to using powdered pigments from various sources to replace the charcoal, giving the art medium more range of color, and safety as well, since charcoal could be toxic. But how did they […] More

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  • Teeth Tidbits

    Teeth Tidbits

    Did you know that the hardest part of the human body is not their skull (although some parents will find that hard to believe), nor any other bones? It’s actually the enamel found on our teeth. All those pearly whites are protected by a hard enamel coating, which is a good thing, because like many […] More

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