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  • From the Depression of Divorce, Came 'Hey Jude'

    From the Depression of Divorce, Came ‘Hey Jude’

    One of the Beatles best kept secrets, was John Lennon’s marriage to wife, Cynthia Twist. The two had met at the Liverpool College of Art in the late 1950s, where an aunt had managed to get Lennon enrolled. They dated for some time, before Twist discovered she was pregnant in 1962. Their son, John Charles […] More

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  • New York, New York, At The Core Of A Linguistic Debate

    New York, New York, At The Core Of A Linguistic Debate

    Places, people, even animals end up with nicknames derived from things associated with them, or just from the whimsy of one person whose sense of humor appealed to others. Not so when it comes to the largest piece of fruit in America, the Big Apple that is New York City. The term came into common […] More

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  • What's In A Name?

    What’s In A Name?

    “A rose, by any other name” may smell as sweet, but a country relabeled from the original, is sometimes confusing. Did you ever wonder how some of the world’s countries came to be called by their present names? Spain – They were really splitting hares on this one. Phoenician settlers found such an abundance of […] More

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  • Heads Up

    Heads Up

    Moths are more exciting than the little white things that flutter out of clothing that wasn’t stored properly. Some of them are incredibly fascinating creatures for their form, colors, size and odd features. One of the most interesting is the Hawk Moth, with more than 1200 species broken down into about 200 varieties and spread […] More

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  • Fast Is In How You Define It

    Fast Is In How You Define It

    A lot of the lexicon and sayings in modern day conversation have cultural and even historical origins. And then there are those that are nowhere near as fascinating. In fact, their prosaic basis would be quite dull if it weren’t for the occasional quirky argument over who started using an expression…and even why. Take the […] More

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  • Something Fishy In Africa

    Something Fishy In Africa

    Africa, the largest continent in the world, has a fascinating composition of the exotic and unusual, sometimes in places or forms that people least expect. The typical concept of the land is hot, arid, jungles, and wild animals. But there are many other features that surprise those interested enough in the land, to look beyond […] More

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  • Halftime Heartburn

    Halftime Heartburn

    Valentine’s has its chocolate, Mother’s Day has its flowers, and now Super Bowl Sunday has its…pizza? According to surveys, frenzied fans, and their fed-up spouses/partners, would rather call, than cook. The biggest day of the football year has fans reaching for the phone to dial their favorite pizzeria. Could that be why, the day after […] More

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  • You're Expecting What?

    You’re Expecting What?

    Human reproductive technology has certainly stood the scientific world on its head over the last 30 years, but in Nature, some of the ways that life on Earth regenerates, is downright strange. Aphids are born pregnant. In fact, they are pregnant before they are born. The common aphid, of which there are 4400 species, produces […] More

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  • Is That To "Dye" For, or What?

    Is That To “Dye” For, or What?

    If there is a stereotypical image of Native Americans, it is as they prepared for war, by painting their faces and bodies. But in reality, the body decoration served many more purposes. Face painting was quite common on a daily basis, depending on the season or weather. Thick coats of bear grease served to protect […] More

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  • On The Wings Of A Bird

    On The Wings Of A Bird

    Technically you could almost say they waft aloft on the wings of a bird, because the Queen Alexandra’s butterfly is the largest member of the order Lepidoptera, in the world. Discovered by Sir Alfred Meek in 1907, this beautiful denizen of Papua, New Guinea was named for her Royal Highness, Queen Alexandra, the Danish born […] More

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  • The Coldest Desert On Earth

    The Coldest Desert On Earth

    Although its barren desert-like conditions may have been traversed by the ill-fated Scott expedition in 1912, the Dry Valleys region of Antarctica were not formally discovered and recorded until the mid 1950s. Given the endless miles of snow and ice, where temperatures have gone as low as -89C, the stretch of barren territory came as […] More

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