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  • The Untold Benefits of Laugh

    The Untold Benefits of Laugh

    Laugh is a very simple and contagious process. When we’re looking at something funny or hilarious, our mind will sense it and we’ll begin to laugh. However, there are some people, who are very hard to laugh. Maybe, it’s due to their characteristics. For those who having difficulty with a laugh, perhaps this article might […] More

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  • smelling flowers/lavender

    It smells really funny

    Richard Axel and Linda Buck won the 2004 Nobel Prize for their research on how the brain interprets odors. These pioneering scientists found that about 3% of our genes are dedicated to remembering and recognizing about 10,000 different odors, using olfactory receptors. More

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  • Which Inventions have Saved the Most Lives?

    Which Inventions have Saved the Most Lives?

    Many of today’s inventions like online ordering software are certainly useful and convenient, but an online restaurant ordering system isn’t likely to save very many lives, although it can save precious time! However, there have been a bunch of inventions in the past 100 years that have saved many lives. There are numerous things that […] More

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  • Which is the World’s Dullest Mammal

    Which is the World’s Dullest Mammal

    I’m sure all of you have seen nature shows on Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel. You know what they’re like– some excited naturalist or other explaining the complex behaviors of an animal while we watch the animal in question frolicking or hunting or otherwise interacting with the world around it. But if you’ve watched […] More

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