Don’t Sweat It

That is, if you’re a woman. Because women’s bodies can regulate the way in which they sweat, better. That means they take longer to heat up to the sweating point, and accumulate, sweat less than men.

Sweating is the human body’s way of cooling off. In hot weather, the capillaries in your skin expand, bringing more blood to the surface, where one of two types of sweat glands, draws water from the blood, to the surface of the skin. These are the ecrine glands, which make up the majority of the more than three million sweat glands in the human body. The apocrine glands are what gives sweating, a bad name. They are located in haired areas of the body, including the head, pubis, and armpits, where bacteria lurk. Hence the odor that arises when sweat mixes with bacteria and evaporates into the air.

Evaporation of sweat from the skin’s surface, lowers the temperature. In humid weather, the process takes longer, because the air is already heavy with moisture, and even your body’s heat can’t force more moisture into the air. advancement positions.

Humans are the only “animal” on Earth with this unique, whole body system. Rabbits only have sweat glands in their ears, and dogs have the equivalent in their tongues and paw pads. advancement positions.

Pigs, as everyone knows, roll in mud during hot weather, to artificially cool their bodies. Now…aren’t you glad you sweat?

Baby planes?

One for me, one for you

One for me, one for you