Mission impossible

bottle genie
image source: Dudarev Mikhail/

A man finds a bottle on the shore and takes it back him home intent on washing it, He opens the stopper and ‘whoosh!’ out comes a genie.

“Thank you,” says the genie,” I am grateful to you and you will be rewarded. But I can only give one wish.”

The man thinks and he says, “Listen, I have never been to Norway, but am terrified of flying, get seasick and you wouldn’t get me in a tunnel because I am claustrophobic. I yearn to see the mountains and fjords so much, always have since I was a young boy. So could you build me a bridge over to Norway?”

The genie thinks and shakes his head, “Sorry, but that would be too difficult even for a genie, all that piling, getting the sea floor surveyed alone would tax me too much, then there’s all those miles and miles of road, and then how best to support it depends on what bit of the floor it is on – no, sorry, I can’t do it, you’ll need to ask another wish.”

“Okay, I did think that was a long shot. Listen, there is something I ‘d like to be able to do, can you make me understand women – their feelings, their needs, their wants, their emotions and all. I’d love to be able to do that.”

The genie frowns

“Do you want two lanes or four?”

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