A total lie

A total lie

A man is pulled over for speeding. The policeman asks for his license and documents. He replies, “I just stole the car and don’t even have a license.”

The policeman looks a little concerned and asks him if his documents are in the glovebox.

“No, my gun is in the glovebox. I had to shoot the woman who owns this car. She’s stuffed in the trunk.”

The frightened policeman immediately calls for backup. A senior policeman approaches the car.

“I hear that you have stolen this car, have a gun and have a body in the trunk.”

The man replies, “No, I don’t! Feel free to check the car, but that’s a total lie.”

The car is checked and there is no gun or body and the man produces documentation and his license to the senior policeman. The police are stunned.

The man approaches the senior policeman and receives an apology. The man leaves saying, “I bet the cheeky bugger said I was speeding too!”

He grins and drives away.

Looking back...

Looking back…

Jealousy - the Original Sin

Jealousy – the Original Sin