Jealousy – the Original Sin

Jealousy - the Original Sin

The story of Adam and Eve is not entirely accurate as it does not recount the first signs of that trait women actually pride themselves on – jealousy!

One day shortly after God made Eve for Adam, Adam decided to go into the orchard and gorge himself on the fruits he shouldn’t. This he got into a habit of doing and it sore irked Eve.

One night after a particularly heavy binge on the citrus she upbraided him.

“And,” she said,” I think you are seeing another woman!”

“Eve” Adam protested, “you are bing so irrational and ridiculous, you’re the only woman on this planet”

They go to bed and fall into a slumber, but Adam wakes up in the small hours to find Eve pummelling into his chest.

“Eve, Eve, have you gone mad? What in the name of God are you doing.”

Levelly and with just a hint of madness in her eyes she said:

“I’m counting your ribs.”

A total lie

A total lie

Mirror, Mirror, Who's the Drunkest?

Mirror, Mirror, Who’s the Drunkest?