Looking back…

Looking back...

The class photo had just been taken at Drumchapel and the teacher is trying, with little success, to persuade them to purchase it.

“Now come on,” she urges them, “I know it seems a lot of money, but it’ll be well worth it in years to come, when you look at it when you are older and say there’s Shuggie, he’s now a brickie, there’s Morag, she’s married to our doctor, there’s Wee Billy, he’s done well since then.”

From the back of the class came.

“And there’s the teacher – she’s deid!”

Consuming chocolate was once considered a sin during the 16th and 17th century. During that time it was provided in the form of a drink and since drinking wine during lent was a sin, so was drinking chocolate.

Would You Like Marshmallows With Your Sin?

Dolphins hear by having sound waves transmit through their skull to the inner ear region.

Who Needs Ears?