Fishing secret!

Fishing secret!
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A guy decides a spot of fishing is just the perfect way to spend the day so he selects a spot on the bank of the river. Just down from him he notices someone having amazing luck, reeling in one fish after another.

He meanwhile isn’t getting a bit, so he wanders up to the guy and asks him what his secret is.

“Mmmhmmhmmhmmhmm!” the fisherman mumbles, concentrating on his rod.

“I beg your pardon I didn’t quite catch that.” says the guy.

The fisherman looks irritated,


Our man starts to get a little annoyed too,

“Sorry, I cannot understand you!” he says checking his own temper.

The other guy holds up a finger to indicate he should wait as he has just felt a tug on his line.

He reels in a fish, takes it off the hook and pops it in his keep net.

Then he spits into his hand and says

“You’ve got to keep the worms warm!”

bad weather

Not impressed

Looking back...

Looking back…