How romantic!

Memory Technique

A man and wife are settled into bed one night and his wife feels all kinda warm inside. He meantime just wants to go to sleep.

“Darling, at one time we used to hold hands all the time,” she says as he lies there with his back to her.

He holds her hand for a minute and tries to fall over again.

“Darling,” she coos next, “We used to kiss a lot at one time.”

He snaps round pecks her on the cheek and settles himself to go to sleep again.

“Darling,” she persists, “you used to nibble my ears at one time.”

Raging he throws off the bedclothes and jumps out of bed.

“Where are you going?” she asks him as he stomps out the room.

“To get my teeth!”

Important document here

Important document here

When can we see the baby?

When can we see the baby?