Please father, help me!

Please father, help me!

A 16-year old girl enters a church in tears. “Please father, help me”

“What is it my child?”

“Father, I need your help. I’m pregnant.”

The priest sighed. “I understand my child. You have sinned but you are not the first, nor the last. Our Lord is all-forgiving and I’m here to help you through this. But first I need to understand how it happened.”

“I don’t know Father. I have not sinned; it just happened.”

The priest raised his eyebrows, concerned. “What you mean my child? Who is the father?”

“There is no father; I never been close to a man in my entire life.”

“Did something unusual happen? Is a family member pressuring you? Or do you remember passing out at party after a stranger offered you a drink?”

“Nothing of the sort Father; I’m a shy girl who doesn’t party and I spend most of my days at home.”

“Look. I cannot help you if you do not tell me the truth. If you are not honest with me, I may have to report this to the police.” replied the priest, mildly annoyed.

The girl dropped her defeated eyes to the ground. “I knew it wouldn’t work. I should have listened to my friend”.

The priest smiled, saddened. “I understand how difficult this is, my child. But I promise everything is going to be alright. So what did your friend say?”

“She warned me that the last time a girl managed to pull this one off with a priest, she had to create an entire new religion to cover it up.”

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