Get down, boy!

Get down, boy!

A young guy is dating a new girl-friend and is in her parents house.

Things appear to go well, even the family dog, usually wary of strangers, jumps up onto the couch beside him.

As he pets the dogs head the guy gives out a little fart – and is he embarrassed!

“Rover! Get down from there!” the girlfriend’s mother shouts at the dog.

“Great!” the guy thinks, “got away with that, the dog’s getting the blame.”

A few minutes go by and he feels another one coming on, but as the poor dog will get the blame, he just let’s it go. And what a belter! And it stunk.

“ROVER!!!!!” the mother yells, “What did I tell you. GET DOWN!”

The dog goes to move but the guy keeps patting his head, so the dog stays. “This is just ideal!” the guy thinks, “Otherwise I would have wanted this couch to swallow me!”

Another few minutes he lets out an almighty ripper. Ooooo! Lord! So bad the guy can hardly stand himself.

“ROVER!!!!” the mother yells “What did I tell you? Get down from there before your bloody fur stinks as bad as his farts!”

Mona Was the Toast of the Town

Mona Was the Toast of the Town

Laugh, It's Good For You

Laugh, It’s Good For You