My Lord Will Save Me

My Lord Will Save Me

An exceedingly devout man is sitting in his living room reading his Bible. So intent is he on his study that he has not noticed that there is a torrential Noachian deluge happening outside and that flooding is taking place.

Soon the water is up to his chest and a man in a boat comes by and yells at him through the window, “Hey, come on, get in before you drown!”

“My lord will save me!” says the man piously and he goes upstairs and sits in his bedroom.

The waters rise even further until they nearly engulf the bedroom. Another man in a boat yells at him through the window to get into the boat.

“My lord will save me!” the man returns, and goes up onto his roof.

Still the waters rise, and as they lap at his feet as sits on the roof a helicopter comes overhead and a ladder is dropped.

“Save yourself man!” shouts the pilot.

“My lord will save me!” says the man and he refuses to climb the ladder.

Well, the waters engulf him and he drowns.

At the gates he says to St Peter, “Why did my Lord not save me.”

St Peter says, “Well he tried, he sent two rescue boats and a bloody helicopter!”

No pain at all

No pain at all

bad weather

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